Welcome to Cixi city run Li Bearing Co., Ltd.!


                    Cixi city pin li bearing co., LTD is a motorcycle bearing production enterprise. Ran after years of unremitting efforts, and with the support from the colleagues at home and abroad, fully committed to the research and development, manufacture of motorcycle bearing, will rush into the brand bearing industry leader. 200 ran on covers an area of 10000 square meters of land, and using the first-class modern automatic equipment, under the protection of nearly 30 technical quality management personnel, to create special bearing capacity of 20 million sets of motorcycle. Supporting services in the sea and abroad merchants, won extensive praise. Looking forward to the future, the people of pengli are full of pride and continue to work hard with science and technology as their soul. Strict staff training and quality management, as the foundation of establishing a family, adhere to the three business concepts of high starting point, high quality and most preferential treatment, wholeheartedly for domestic and overseas merchants. Welcome more friends to know, feel and enjoy pengli, hand in hand and create a better future!

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                  1. Copyright ? Cixi Ben Li Bearing Co., Ltd.
                    Add: No. 1018, business road, Zhouxiang Town, Cixi, Zhejiang.
                    Tel:0574-63249087  /  0574-63249088

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